Survey Instructions

Our goal is to make this survey as trouble-free as possible; however, because of the nature of the Internet, many errors that occur are beyond our control. If you experience any difficulties that the following instructions don't help solve, please contact Survey Support using the link provided at the bottom of all survey pages.

The "Continue" button will submit the page, save your answers and advance the survey to the next page.

Pressing the "Enter" key can also submit a page. If you unintentionally submit a page, you can return to the previous page by pressing the "Backspace" key or by clicking your browser's "Back" button.

If you experience difficulties of any kind, return to the previous page and try to submit the page again. If this doesn't help, then try restarting the survey by using the link you were sent.

If you experience a lost connection or can't finish the survey in one session, you can restart the survey by using the original URL or link that you were sent.

If you restart, the survey will begin on the last page that was successfully submitted, and you won't be able to back up beyond the first page of the current session.